An opensource tool for backing up OneDrive

Is there an opensource tool out there that a home user can use to back up their onedrive data from onedrive, directly to a local NAS? My laptop hard drive is too small to pull all my onedrive files down and so I cannot back them up from a local copy.

There seems to be options for Microsoft Business but not for Personal (home) users.

Can you select all and download a giant zip file? It’s going to zip everything before transfer so zip is the only option that I’ve found. Also note I’m working with an enterprise version so I may be way off the mark here.

the only thing I can think of Open Media Vault allows you to backup automatically to OneDrive!

if you have your local NAS mounted as a drive in your laptop, then you can copy anything from onedrive to the nas drive (do it in the background, I use Linux). I schedule rsync -a /mnt/onedrive/ /mnt/nas

Do the files transfer as a zip file, or just the regular file? I’m wondering if my IT department has it set for zip to improve bandwidth usage.

just as regular files. if /mnt/onedrive has 5 files, it will transfer 5 files to /mnt/nas It will do differential transfer so files that were not changed will not be transferred. I have a cron job and it rsync every hour from onedrive to my nas. rsync has -z flag (–compress) for compression.

Take a look at rclone or Cyberduck

If your NAS happens to be a Synology, look at their Cloud Sync app

From a friend, “Hi , you are overthinking this😁 just write a script using the OneDrive API and let it run in a Cron job. There’s bound to be Python examples. Just my 2 cents worth.”

Busy travelling but will give this a go in the next week or so.

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not really onedrive as an answer, but you should look into the likes of private cloud, i.e. syncthing, nextcloud.

i haven’t used any big tech names for syncing in sometime. Works well for me at least.

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Are you using Linux or Windows in your laptop?
Can you see your onedrive as a mounted device or you just access it through its web interface?
Can you mount your local NAS to your laptop?

The open source tool I’d use is rclone

Hi, I use both windows and linux. I can see it on my system but I am wanting a copy on my NAS without haiving to download it first to my local network. I see my QNAP has a hybrid cloud tool. I will take a look in the next week to see if that does it for me.