An little video suggestion :-)

Hi Tom and to your team :smiley:

I watching your playlist pfSense Tutorials and I am on video 25 i think.
That playlist gives a good look into pfSense… great work on the videos. :+1:

while i was watching i saw you have a lot of good videos on VPN and i started to wonder if you had made some content about ZTNA, so i searched your youtube channel to see but i did not find anything… did i miss it?
if you do not have that, maybe some of your viewers might be interested in zero trust network access solutions. :slight_smile:

Time to get some sleep… local time here is 5am. *lol’ :smiley:

a fun side note. :slight_smile: in some videos i can hear a beep sound hard to describe but dee-doo… and every time i look on my phone as it is the same sound my phone has on low battery. *lol’ :rofl:

Tom has various videos on Zero Trust Networks

As PFsense has a plugin for tailscale, this is the video

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