Amplifi HD mesh Wifi 6?

I know this is more of a place to go for the more small business/enterprise. However this is the only place I can think of to get a straight forward answer on this topic. So I apologize in advance if this topic is not welcome here. I have used the Amplifi HD mesh wifi router in many at home deployments where the customer didnt want/need to run cables for access points or it wasn’t necessarily a viable option. Btw the amplifi work great and out perform any system i have used in the past for this application. To the point… Lately I have noticed this line up is slowly disappearing from retailers and becoming harder to find. More specifically the even the Gaming version of this model is not available anywhere and is sold out. Here are my questions. Is Ubiquiti getting rid of this line up or are they about to release a newer Wifi 6 model of this. I have a Customer that i have recomended this to. However they want Wifi 6 and the alien verision really is over priced at $600 for two of them. Also im not sure a single alien will get the coverage i am needing. Thank you everyone for input.

Amplifi Alien is the WiFi 6 version of Amplifi. For a while it was US only but they recently released it in Europe.

Regarding price, it was released as an early WiFi 6 product, and it hasn’t been reduced. If yo think its too much then vote with your wallet. I believe Netgear Orbi is a comparatively good system, and they even have an MSP system for it.