Alternative for Microsoft Team

Hey everyone,I hope everyone is fine.
So I was looking around an application which can be hosted locally on premises. I personally at home hse nextcloud tak. But it’s UI is bit laggy. So I want to aks everyone if someone can suggest me a good name.

I want this just for employees file sharing and to talk with each other simultaneously, So that the work doesn’t stop.

I will consider something which gives me an easy option to backup everything and restore easily if anything goes wrong.

Rocket.Chat and Let’s Chat are a couple of options.


Slack is an option. I’ve been trying to push for it myself because I can’t stand Teams.

I don’t think Slack offers an on-prem offering, right?

I cant find any of them interesting. I think nextcloud talk would be an only option right now.

1 Like backend with element frontend might worth a try

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