"Allow files on this drive to have content indexed..." check box is missing from Windows 10 after network mapping a drive from a TrueNas Core 13 system

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well!

I’m running into an issue (well, not sure if its really an issue or is how the current TrueNas Core works) and joined the LTS forum to request some assistance. I recently deployed my second TrueNAS Core system 13 (current version), which is currently in use for testing purposes. Our first deployed system is running pretty stable running with the last version of 12. I’m working in a mixed macOS/Windows environment. Most of our Mac users are running macOS Ventura, (the current version as of this writing,) while our Windows users are on Windows 10 22H2.

Recently we were doing some basic testing with our newly acquired Seagate Exos drives installed in the system with TrueNAS 13. Everything appeared to be fine. Until we noticed that on the side of our Windows users when we mapped the network drive the check box “allow files on this drive to have content indexed in addition to file properties” was missing. As well as only detecting up to 450gb used space when the file transfer we were using for performance test total size was almost 800gb. We checked the mapped networked drive from the TrueNAS 12 system the check box was there and it was showing accurate data usage.

Is this normal between version 12 and 13 or did we do something wrong in the installation? We compared the settings on both systems and they seem to be the same. We even removed 13 from the new system, did a clean install of TrueNAS 12 on it, redid the tests and everything shows properly on the mapped drive; data size usage and the “allow files on this drive to have content indexed in addition to file properties” check box is there. We then upgraded from the clean install of TrueNAS 12 to TrueNAS 13; check box is missing when mapped network drive and issues after data transfer test the usage size is inaccurate.

We have tried a clean install of TrueNAS 13, an upgrade from TrueNAS 12, and no matter what we do, we run into the same issue. We’re running a Dell PowerEdge R720 and have a PERC H710 Mini installed in the system. We have tried with both the standard H710 Mini RAID Card firmware and with the H710 Mini flashed to IT mode as a HBA, and this does not make a difference. While running in the hardware RAID configuration our drives were mirrored at the hardware level and striped as a single data pool. Now that we’re running in an HBA configuration the drives are striped mirrors within TrueNAS itself mimicking our previous setup without the hardware RAID overhead. (Two drives mirrored with additional mirrored VDevs added to the pool to create a stripe of three mirrors.)

Attached is a screenshot showing missing check box between versions.

The LTS community forum’s assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Typically adding more RAM is the solution for better performance for read cache. I personally wouldn’t trust windows indexing at all.

I have never looked into the Windows indexing and the size issue is odd but it’s probably some change they made in the reporting.

As far as I know, my mapped SMB shares have never had the option to index them.

What are you missing by not having them indexed? Faster file search? How often do you need to search a large drive? Asking because I see no downside on my systems.