All Vlan lost internet access pfSense


On pfSense, Is it normal that I can ping but not

I come home 2 days ago to discover that all my vlan are no longer able to connect to the internet. They all can ping but not

DHCP is enabled but I cannot figure out why it will stopped working when I come back from holiday.

Thank you all in advance

This is a DNS issue. Make sure the DNS service is up and your upstream DNS servers are accepting requests in SystemGeneral settings on pfsense.

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The DNS is enabled for all interfaces

In SystemGeneral settings I have the following:

I would untick ‘DNS Server Override’ then pfsense will use the dns servers you specified.

What happens if you do an dns lookup under diagnostics

Are you blocking dns queries to the internet ?

All seem ok. I am not blocking DNS queries no.
I also untick ‘DNS Server Override’ but nothing changed

Thank you

why do you have as a DNS? this is Vodafone service in the UK.

my table:

Restart dns resolver service

What are the dns servers on the machine if you run ipconfig /all. Are they pointing to your pfsense vlan ip address

Do you get correct responses back on the machine if you run nslookup ?

Can you post the firewall rules for the vlan network

I managed to resolve the problem. For some strange reason, 1 of my interfaces cause this chaos. After disabling it, all is back to normal.

Thank you all for your help