AliExpress using Tom's video

Hey @LTS_Tom,

Did you know AliExpress is using one of your Protectli videos from YouTube?


hahaha, news to me and a bit amusing.


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I bought one of those units from AliExpress – not from that vendor however my unit looks exactly the same. Took 30 days to get here from China, but arrived fine. I had a few followup emails from the seller which actually surprised me asking if I liked the product and if there were any problems. (I’ve never received anything similar from an Amazon vendor). All in all works really well. Loaded xcp-ng and virtualized pfSense and a few other VMs on the unit. Runs a little hot but I have no complaints.


@kevdog Hey kevdog! May I ask why you purchased the Protectli box from China (AliExpress) instead of a vendor in the U.S.? I am looking into getting a Protectli box, but I am not sure if I would purchase directly from China knowing all the “phone home” crap they put in their products.