Alias Tables Not Always Updating

Hi everyone

I have a few pfsense port forward rules that only work if the source address is matched, the source is a bunch of hostnames defined in an alias.

I have changed the setting System>Advanced>Firewall&NAT>Aliases Hostnames Resolve Interval to be 20 secs.

Generally this works fine, but I often find names that haven’t updated and when I go to Diagnostics>Tables I find not all the hostnames I have are populated.

If I try a filter reload nothing changes, even changing the interval doesn’t bring all the alias ip address into the tables, but if I edit one of the rules in anyway then bang all the names are updated in the table.

To be honest I can live with this, but I am new to the forum so I thought I would post this as my first topic.

Does anyone else experience this? and can I update this table in anyway from the command line?

I am running 2.4.4 Release p3.

I have never changed it from default, perhaps there is a bug in it.