Alfa AC1900 wifi dongle details

Hi @LTS_Tom,

I came across your youtube video where you present the Alfa AC1900 usb dongle (JxB86gusH60) and you install it on your linux box. The alfa uses an rtl8814au chip. I recently got a 8814au based card card as well, but from a different manufacturer. The OUI is 0bda:8813, which appears to be the same as the alfa’s. If you still have the alfa card would you be able to install it again and provide some more detailed information on it? I just would like to compare the two.

The most recent driver with active development nowadays seems to be at
The v5.6.4.2 branch is the currently recommended one, but there is also the v5.7 branch, on which I, using my 8814au card, get better speeds and range. I can compile both branches fine on recent 5.8 linux kernels. The install is simple using the provided dkms skripts.

Could you run a simple
# iw phyX info ##where phyX is your alfa ac1900 card and post the output
# lsusb ##post the line for the alfa card only

x out your MAC address. Maybe run an iperf3 test. You could also set it into monitor mode and run airodump-ng again and see if it still picks up the same amount of APs compared to your YT video, or if that has changed.

Interestingly, the 8814au does not support the right cipher suite (GCMP-128 (00-0f-ac:8)) to allow WPA3 encrypted wifi connections. It does support SAE though. But WPA3 requires both. Surprisingly, an older Alfa AWUSO36NH does support the right cipher and SAE, thus WPA3 encryption.

Happy to post the info about the card I have here as well. My card does not seem to pick up a lot of APs at all.

Thanks &
Cheers from Perth, WA, Oz