AirPrinting to copiers on VLAN. mDNS?

Wanting to AirPrint to AirPrint enabled copiers on a separate VLAN (already setup and all copiers on it). This is all behind a pfSense CE 2.6.0 firewall. The main network where the devices wanting to AirPrint will reside is an Active Directory network as well. I’ve never played with mDNS before. Could someone point me in the right direction in order to achieve this?

Avahi. That’s how. Answered my own question but wanted to share.

Yes Avahi is wonderful. Don’t forget to install Service watchdog and have it keep an eye on Avahi, as it does tend to stop occasionally (at least on my Netgate SG-1100).

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Thanks for the info! All of my sites are running Community Edition on Dell boxes with Intel NIC’s and never had any issues with any service running but I’ve installed it just in case! Thank you!

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