Airprint is not working on multiple vlans

I have a problem where I can’t see any of the airprinters on my mobile devices.

I have multiple VLANs, I have one for Mobile Devices and another for Printers.
I also have a Negate pfSense firewall as well as 100% ubiquity switches.

I have enabled Avachi on the firewall and IGMP Snooping on the switches.

Regardless of what I do I can’t see AirPrint printers on my mobile devices.

I have gone through so many posts and can’t find the answer.

you need to allow VLAN(mobile) to ‘see’ VLAN(printers)

I do have firewall rules ANY ANY set to the printer vlan from mobile. I have set it up like this to rule any other issues out (of course I’ll tweak it later). Still, I have an issue.

Just an update. I reconnected the printer to another (original) VLAN still different than my mobile devices and it works. But when I reconnect it to the “Printer” network/vlan it doesn’t work.