Airplay across VLANs only works with firewall wide open

My setup:
A LG TV and a second Chrome cast device connected wirelessly to a Unifi AP and assigned a VLAN (address,
Attempting to screen mirror/cast from devices on devices.
I have the Avahi package 2.1_1 installed on pfsense 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1.
Firewall alias Private_networks=, (additional VLANS)
Firewall rule on VLAN of TVs has rule allowing DNS on and second rule allowing access to all except destination of Private_networks

With this I am able to cast to Chromecast device. I can start a screen mirror session and the TV will go black but will eventually fail. If I add a rule to allow all traffic from TV VLAN to, I am able to screen mirror with no issue, so I think its just a firewall issue.

I’ve attached a screen shot from the firewall log. Any idea on how to correct?

It used to work well a while back when I did this video but the with the latest version of the Chromecast we recommend putting the devices that you want to case on the same network segment as the Chromecast.

Actually, I found Chromecast to work just fine. It is Apple Air Play (via bonjour I think) that is what is not working.

I’ll keep looking. We’ll have to just put our airplay device on the same VLAN as you say until we find a solution.

Thanks for the videos. Really got me up and going quickly.

You may need mDNS for Airplay to work.

I don’t have the need but others have had better luck with the PIMD package with airplay, chromecast, and Sonos communication in Pfsense

This is the same exact problem I am facing. Did you ever find the solution?

Using avahi is the answer. mDNS is what you need.

I have, chromecast works. It is Airplay which is refusing to.


So after doing everything possible to make the airplay work. It started working by itself. Go figure…