Airplay across network problem

Hello All,

I came across a problem with Airplay across networks. Please see my simple network setup below.

Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 3.32.10 pm

I have been running Avahi 2.1_1 and enabled mDNS between LAN and VLAN. My Mac can detect the projector, but it just can’t mirror the screen with an error message “projector unconnectable”.

The only rules in my firewall are:

  1. LAN network devices can go everywhere; and
  2. VLAN network can go to the Internet but not my LAN network.

At this point I have been trying all sorts of firewall rules to open direct connection between the two, but it just doesn’t work …

It will be greatly appreciated if you could let me know how to proceed, or how to diagnose the problem. Thank you in advance.


Not sure what protocol they use for Ariplay, (too lazy to google it) but you either have to figure out how to bridge that or put them on the same network which is what I would do.

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Thanks a lot Tom. I am getting them on the same network.