Advise for best use of old hardware

Looking for some basic advice in the best use of my really old dell gear

I have a dell r710 144 gb ram soon to be 2 x x5670 2.93
A dell t7500 with old graphics 48 gb ram single processor 2.4 currently running windows and Linux vms

A dell precision 3rd gen i7 8gb ram

I want to virtualise and run containers
I want to run storage

XPC-ng proxmox and Truenas are on the table and I have an unraid plus usb

5 x 3tb
2 x 2tb
4 x 750gb
2 x 500gb

What would you do with this mix?

XCP-NG does not have native container support and TrueNAS may not work with the controller. That leaves Proxmox or loading a Linux distro.

Thanks for taking the time to reply
I am aware of the raid card issues and have read up and successfully tested and then reverted the perc h310 to IT mode

I guess my question should be if I wanted to run Truenas and or unraid as well as a hypervisor either xcp or proxmox should I for instance use the r710 or t7500 for the hypervisor which by default would make the other the nas
My feeling is that with dual cpu and 144gb ram the r710
And the t7500 with single cpu snd 48 gb ram for the nas?
Other considerations apart from the age would be drive capacity and each can squeeze in 6 x 3.5 inch

My unraid key is an alternate option and might fit all needs except it’s slower to read and write even with cache drives