Advice on Truenas Scale build

Hi, .I am looking for some advice on my new NAS build.

I am building a system to combine (rebuild) my different 3 external 5 bay raid arrays into one shelf with multiple pools as well as adding new drives into a new popl to try and cut down on noise and also reduce the number of devices I have in my home office doing the same thing. I have also upgraded to 10GBe in the office between machines so ZFS in ZFS2p pools is fast enough for me and matches the speed I had with external usb3 devices and hence the consoldation.


I was going to install Truenas (and have a test machine of it going) and like it a lot. But ultimately I want to also run a plex media server with gpu transcoding on it (aswell as some other docker stuff eventually) but I’ve read a ton of posts on doing this on BSD based systems and it really puts me off attempting it unless I wait until Truesnas Scale is stable and I can do it more easily.

I am prepared to wait until it’s stable to run the extra bits but really need to set this storage server up now. My question is, I know it (Trusnas scale) is in alpha stage and technicallyit’s devs and bughunters only that should be using it now, but do you think it will be ok to install it and just run it purely as a NAS until its stable and then add the fruit (gpu trasncoding/vm/docker). I don’t want and don’t have the spare storage to set this up now in Truenas/Freenas and then rebuild/change later.

I’m guessing I’ll get recommendations to just upgrade and import ZFS pools but that makes me a bit nervous or do you reckon it would actually be the best way to go so as to not risk any data?

I will and do have backups of the important stuff but not the whole lot so don’t want to risk things too much.

Thanks in advance

I have not done any real testing with TrueNAS scale.

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