Advice on cloud backup for a NVR

Hello !
I’ll introduce myself.
I am a geek and a bit outdated computer tech. I work as a repair tech, fixing computers for now. But also I go out as freelance and fix problems for my clients.
Thanks a lot Tom for your wealth of shared information over YouTube channel and your website. I came here after watching your videos and subscribed to your channel. Keep the good work.
Now, I installed a NVR with 8 IP PoE cameras in a client house and after a few quirks, the system works as expected.
The owner wants to back up/mirror the footage on a cloud server, as in having a copy of the videos in the case the NVR gets stolen or destroyed. So client has no objection about having the service or paying for it.
The NVR device has the option to activate the FTP client with obvious elements: user, password, port and IP of the server.
Now, the question is: what cloud service can offer this kind of service, of mirroring via FTP ?
I am open to other solutions, if they are reasonable.
Thanks in advance for you time!

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Two issues, one is that I don’t recommend using FTP as it is not encrypted, second is the challenge of backing up that mach data. Unless you are backing up motion only and there are not a lot of events, NVR’s generally produce more data than can be easily backed up.


Thanks a lot Tom for taking the time and respond.
Yes, the FTP client on the DVR doesn’t seem to support encryption, and the quality of the videos could render big files.
I reminded the client that the NVR has E-Sata port and can easily attach more storage, but the storage is still near the NVR.
So, something like Digital Ocean or BackBlaze, or cloud based storage is something too out of the discussion?

I guess in theory you could setup a FTP server somewhere else on the network (Maybe the basement, etc) and backup locally. Then perhaps offsite it to a service like backblaze once per week?

There are DVR/NVR lock boxes out in the market that bolt to the wall and offer a great locking device, thus protecting the device from easily being stolen.