Advice on ANSI output piTFT display from Zabbix pulling pfSense data

Hopefully this isn’t too confusing, but I have an instance of pfSense running on a box managing my network. I also have a pi 3b+ running Raspbian with vnc server on it (for remote administration of pfsense) and zabbix server (to collect information from pfsense and other devices). The pi has a piTFT 3.5" display attached to it and prior to pfsense I was using this pi for pi-hole and display the output/info on the piTFT screen with PADD & PHAD, which is a nice ANSI display of information.


so, what I do not understand is how I can generate this same display, but with data from Zabbix so it displays stats I want in a fancy ANSI display on the piTFT screen?
How can I alter this to pull and display Zabbix data, not pi-hole data (as I am not running pi-hole, but pfsense)??

Unless the developer has an option to do so there are two options, code it yourself, or see if the developer wants to do it for a fee or paid.