Advice for managed network and Mesh Wifi

Hi everyone, I’m in need of some advice.

I’m in the process of looking for/buying a new house.
When moving into the new house I would like to upgrade my current network setup.

In my current home which has 3 layers (ground, 1st and 2nd) and is all reinforced concrete, I’ve always had issues with getting good/strong wifi signal all around the house.
Last year I purchased Ubiquity Amplifi (wifi5) Mesh system which improved things a lot.

However in the new house I would like to take it to the next level.
So I plan on placing a PFSense box as firewall/router and purchase a new managed network / Mesh wifi system.

For the switch(es) I was thinking of stepping up the network to using VLANS.
I would like the Mesh wifi system to have the additional ability to use wired backbones opposed to the Amplify system that can only use wireless backbone.

so planned lay-out would look like this:

GroundFloor: CABLE MODEM ---- PFSense ---- switch (4port) ---- WiFi AccessPoint

1st Floor: WiFi AccessPoint (probably not cabled, but signal is strong enough for 2 bedrooms and bathroom) ---- maybe additional wired connection to the tv connecting to switch on ground floor

2nd: switch (8port) connecting to GroundFloor ---- WiFi AccessPoint (wired backbone) ---- 2 servers ---- 2 laptops ---- 1 workstation

What products would you advice, especially for the Wifi AccessPoints???

Unifi??? Mikrotik??? other

If you are able to have the APs on each floor wired then Unifi should work fine. They will support VLANs, etc.


great thanks…

BUT what can you recommend if I would say I don’t want to use Ubiquiti Unifi products?
been looking in to them a bit and they seem a tad high priced with a recent breech in one of their 3rd parties systems

Personally I use Cisco 3602i APs. I see them on eBay for around $15 an AP. If you are comfortable diving into the Cisco CLI then these would be a really nice option. I could send you a sample config to save you some time too.

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