Adding storage server to Netbox

Hi all,

I just installed netbox in view to manage our infrastructure and IPAM. I found adding the switches and firewall and easy task but I am now struggling creating my Dell EqualLogic inside Netbox.

Could anyone please advice on how to create a storage array? So far, I created a device type and then added the 24x HDD as ‘Inventory Items’

The part I am struggling with is dealing with 2 controller module. Each modulehas 1x 10g SFP+,1x RJ45 10GBase-T. 1x 100Mb management and 1Serial port.

How do I create the controller module?

When I try to create a ‘Module’ It ask me to select a ‘Device’ but the list is empty.

Thank you in advance

Could anyone help me please? I looked at the documentaion and it doesn’t provide examples