Adding second switch to pfsense network

Hello everyone, I am expanding my small network from one 24 port switch to two of them.

Current Setup:
Pfsense running on intel CPU
Cisco SG300 Series 28 port switch

Port 24 is configured as trunk port which connects from Pfsense.

New addition:
I had trunk port 25 on cisco switch to add new switch which is of digisol.

Also put digisol switch port 25 on trunk and connected it to cisco switch.

I used to access cisco switch using So, I decided to put digisol GUI access to But the problem which I am facing is after connecting to the cisco switch on port 25 I am not able to access the digisol switch. I had even make the IP static in Pfsense for digisol switch.

I configured cisco switch many years ago and I really do not configure switches quite often.

Can anyone help me in doing this.

Sounds like you only have a single network, in which case you won’t need a trunk port.

I’d reset the new switch and give a static IP not currently being used and plug it into the Cisco switch and see what happens.

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Will it also transfer all the VLANS to new switch?
So later on I will set the VLANS to specific ports.

I do not think so.

If you are using vlans, then you need to configure both switches with vlans, then pass all the vlans via a trunk port to the second switch.

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That’s what am trying but the issue is I am not able to access the switch after connecting it to the first switch. I can get IP’s in devices but am not able to access the second switch.

Is the digisol switch expecting the management interface to have a VLAN tag? is the Cisco switch setup to pass the untagged management traffic onto port 25? It could either be the Cisco switch is passing the management traffic tagged and the Digisol is expecting it untagged or vice-versa… I assume if you hook up the new switch directly to PFsense you have no issues talking to the digisol switch? I normally keep the management traffic untagged and ensure that any trunk port can pass the management traffic untagged

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Now I am able to access the digisol switch. But if I am setting an VLAN20 to port 2 then it is not getting the IP. I am sharing you the cisco and digisol switch VLAN config.

Cisco :

Digisol :

Port 2 of the Cisco switch or Port 2 of the Digisol switch…I see you are sending VLAN20 tagged to port 25 on Mirasol and the trunk port but you arent sending it untagged to port 2… port 2 on the Mirasol has the server vlan10 untagged… normally an endpoint will only have ONE vlan and it would be untagged - you have multiple vlans going out various ports. What are you connecting to port 25 on the mirasol that needs multiple vlans tagged to it ? VLAN20 has no untagged endpoints that I can see hence why you are likely not getting an IP address.

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It’s Solved. Thanks a lot man!!