Adding redundancy to my homelab network

I’m planning to expand services in my homelab network - to add a TrueNAS deployment with a bunch of VMs on top of Proxmox/Ceph. VMs will include a MongoDB 3-node replica set, Graylog, Grafana, Home Assistant, whole nine yards :slight_smile:

To survive an occasional firmware update for Unifi switches and a possible network hardware failure, I plan to add redundancy to the network prior to introducing services. For the simplicity let’s assume that the budget isn’t an issue at all.

Including two pictures below - the current state and the redundant state. At the moment I’m not sure how to configure PFsense for dual LAN NICs and TrueNAS for the same - appreciate any suggestions there.

For the simplicity, Unifi Protect install isn’t shown - NVR is connected to the 24-port switch with 10 cameras scattered across all 3 existing switches (aggregated throughout is around 55MBps)

Current state:

Redundant state + TrueNAS + Proxmox/Ceph cluster:

All I would say is avoid daisy-chaining the USW Enterprise 8 POE switches. I see in the redundant version the living room switch has redundancy. The closet switch could keep the original link from the USW Enterprise 24 POE main switch. Looks great tho!

If you are running new lines I would run a pair to each location / switch in a LACP LAGG, that will give you some redundancy too. Plus it’s a one time effort, it’s much more hassle if you need to do this later for some reason.