Adding a second block of IP in pfSense


I have been given a second block of ip address by the datacentre and I need help to add them to my pfsense.

I know that @LTS_Tom has a video on this topic but I cannot find it.

Could anyone help please

Is this what you’re looking for?

Also NetGate documentation here:

@gsrfan01 thank you but this isn’t the video. I already followed this video to add my existing set of ip Address.

I need to figure out how to add another set with different gateway etc
I will look at the link you provided too.

You can add additional gateways under System / Routing, they will show up as options for Upstream Gateways. I don’t have multiple WANs so ignore the private IPs.

Once I created the second gateway, do I need to create an new WAN or do I just add he new IP to Firewall->virtual IP?

Let me explain my problem better.
When we started at the datacentre, we had a block of 16 IPs (13 usable ).
We have now used all our IPs and we requested 5 more usable IP and we were given an 8 block with 5 usable. The new set of IP is using a different gateway than our existing set of configured IP.

To add complexity, our pfSense is in HA mode with a virtual IP etc…
All my existing IP are all set as type=CARP in firewall=> Virtual IPs

I have read the Multiple IP subnets section of the documentation but it doesn’t make such sense to me.

How do I add another /29 subnets (with different gateway IPs) to a single WAN connection

Adding a second gateway to WAN via the pfSense didn’t work when selecting the WAN interface
The gateway address xx.xx.xx.xx does not lie within the chosen interface's subnet.

How can I solve?