Adding 10G to existing home lab/home network

I am expanding my home network / home lab with 10GB connections for the backbone between my virtual machine hosts and storage server. The virtual machine hosts are running XCP-NG and the storage server is TrueNAS Core. The 10G connections will all be linked with a MicroTik switch (CRS305-1G-4S+IN). Half of the storage server will be dedicated to home network file storage the other half will be for iSCSI block level storage for virtual machines hosted on XCP-NG. I already have my network set up with vlans/subnets for the main network, servers, IoT, guest, etc. How do I incorporate the 10G connections with this? Do I need a new subnet/vlan?

I would make sure the virtual host and your storage are connected on the same network running through your 10G switch. You don’t want to be routing any traffic between those two devices.