Add OpenVPN subnet in ntopng Pfsense

The question is how to add the subnet of the deployed OpenVPN server to the interface for further use with ntopng.
pfSense is deployed in the cloud due to which there is only a WAN. In the interface tab I add the ovpns port, I also make a bridge with WAN and LAN (ovpns). But after activating the LAN interface, you can connect to the Ovpn server, but there is no traffic.
If you work without adding, everything works fine, the client connects, the traffic goes through without problems, but I also cannot add ovpns to ntopng for monitoring.

Not something I have ever tried. Might want to check the Netgate forums to see if someone has

Thank you. Will keep search for answer.

Finaly working

  1. Stop OpenVPN server
  2. add opnvs as interface and “enable”
  3. deactivet all rules in Firewall-OpenVpn
    4)add rules from ‘3)’ in firewall-“new interface”
  4. start OpenVPN service
    Profit )
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