Add exception to pfBlockerNG for a subdomain

I was trying to access from my LAN and got the error “You cannot visit right now because the website uses HSTS.” I tethered to my phone and everything worked as expected. When I dug into it a bit I can see its getting back the self signed cert from pfSense+ so my guess is pfBlockerNG does not like this domain for some reason.

Is there any way I can add an exception? I think this domain is legit; it’s used by Discord to verify a login attempt from a new IP. Usually comes via a verification email.

Common Name (CN)	pfSense-pfBNG-DNSBL-64f3a03585da6
Organization (O)	pfBlockerNG DNSBL Self-Signed Certificate
Organizational Unit (OU)	<Not Part Of Certificate>

When you are in the reports in tab in pfblockerng, find the domain it is blocking and click on the plus symbol to add to the white list.

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