Actiontec T3200 Transparent Bridge with pfSense

Hello Everyone!

 New here, and I am trying to setup pfSense with my Actiontec T3200. 
  1. Actiontec T3200 and pfSense works great with RFC 1483 via DHCP.
  2. RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging on the T3200 and pfSense doesn’t get a WAN IP or internet.

What am I missing to get this to work with the T3200 in bridged mode?
Please help.

This any good?

I can get the modem into transparent mode no problem. I am sure the failure of the WAN port on pfSense is just settings I am not sure about how to set it up.

I have the same setup as the Actiontec is needed for TV service. When I set the transparent bridge mode it did not work right as you have discovered…it didn’t disappear off the network (became a true transparent bridge) as it was supposed to so I determined that the ISP provided firmware disabled that functionality.

What I did was I created a DMZ on the Actiontec (under firewall), which did work, to the IP address of PfSense. This gave me full PfSense functionality. If you setup a VPN be aware that the generated IP address by the VPN wizards will have the internal PfSense address and you have to edit it to be the real WAN or I use a DDNS address in case the WAN IP address ever changes…it hasn’t in over 3 years.