Action1 for 200 users?

Our office partially transitioned to remote work, I’ve been on the hunt for a “cost-effective” soft for patching, remote management, application installation, etc. since.

  • The more - the better, because I don’t want to have a bunch of different programs to support (and my budget is limited). Finally I’ve convinced my boss to allocate budget for it, because I can’t do everything by hand.

I stumbled across these guys: Free RMM Tools for MSP and Small Businesses | Action1, and according to some discussions they should fit the bill.
However, the offer of “first 100 licenses for free” seemed too good to be true (no such thing as a free lunch). Are there any downsides or hidden catches to using Action1?

I’d appreciate any feedback or experiences with Action1 before I make a decision. I have ~ of 200 users (so far) and I don’t want to go through the hassle of testing multiple software options - that’ll be pain in the … for two and a half man IT operations.
Obviously, I would like to avoid getting bombarded with calls and emails from vendors if possible, that’s why I’m nagging you here, guys. Sorry if my question is too stupid, but I need some hands-on experience.

I have never heard of them and it’s important to consider that your RMM has system level access meaning you have to implicitly trust them. If they have a security incident then you have one.


Same things as @LTS_Tom
Why not to set-up vpn-network of your own? Add a RustDesk, Ansible, some TerminalServers and be happy. At least you shouldn’t believe anybody.