Accidently Deleted OpenVPN FIrewall Rules

What is the easiest way to get them back?

This is a simple home VPN to get remote access. So if I need to fully delete I can, but wanted to see if there was a way to run the wizard again to recreate the rules.

Assuming you didn’t change the default port, you just need to allow port 1194/udp on the WAN interface to the WAN address. There’s probably also an OpenVPN interface listed in the firewall rules and you can specify where in the network that traffic is allowed. Typically this would be an any/any rule for a simple home setup.

Rerun the wizard

So your rules for your VPN have gone ! They might reappear if you reinstate the OpenVPN server.

However, you ought to backup the config as a rule, you can also backup just the rules if you are tweaking them.

Additionally you can use the Auto Configuration Backup if you forget.

By default pfsense keeps the last 30 changes you made so it’s easy to roll back.


Oh that’s a good tip!

PFSense history is not a replacement for auto backups

How to Automate pfsense Backups - YouTube

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Did not know about that, found the change and was able to revert it. Thank you!

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