Access point VLAN?

Let say we have a theoretical setup with 3 VLANs: 1, 10 and 20. A router, switch, controller and access point.

  1. VLAN 1 is for management (192.168.1.x/24)
  2. VLAN 10 is for internal wifi (192.168.10.x/24)
  3. VLAN 20 is for guest wifi (192.168.20.x/24)

Now, router, switch and controller will stay on VLAN 1, but what are the VLAN and IP for access point itself. I’m aware that we can trunk VLAN from switch to access point for different SSID, but I’m not certain about AP VLAN and its own IP.

In the real world, my AP is on a management vlan.

But, if you block any vlans from accessing the mgmt vlan, you need an exception to access the AP itself. This would be the case for a guest vlan.

However, you need to ensure the AP can support multiple SSiDs which you just map onto your vlans. If your AP only has one SSiD then you will be stuck on a single vlan for wifi.