Access point under $200

Hi ,

can someone recommend a good wifi6 AP under $200, which can work stand alone ?
was thinking of tp-link,zyxel,unifi?

I got an Omada EAP620-HD last December for $130, zero issues so far. It has standalone interface, or can be adopted into their controller later if you choose. AX1800, so good bandwidth and solid signal throughout our house (2600ft, two floors, lots of stucco and metal) on all bands.

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As far as I can tell, none of those have standalone management interfaces. Am I missing something?

one can run the controller in a container, in a VM or on a Raspberry Pi. you’re not forced into buying a piece of hardware to run it if you can host it on what you already have. The first Unifi AP that I had ran off of a java-based controller on Windows 7.