Access point placement

Hi, just purchased 6 Unifi AC-PRO access points. any best practices or tips on proper placement to avoid channel conflicts etc. have three floors of an office area and one large warehouse that is adjacent to the offices but is the height of all 3 of the office floors. best to mount all APs on the 3rd floor even for 1st floor coverage?

Three floors of office space, what is the construction steel, duck work adjacent WiFi from other companies, how many users? I would put on each floor and the warehouse space what’s the sqft racks density of storage on the racks all need to be considered. Unify has an app you can use to measure signal strength experiment with placement. Tom has a video post about how he does it take a gander at it. Also consider the band higher frequencies are much more subject to attenuation.

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The unifi controller application has a map feature where you can nicely upload your own maps and place your APs. And you can adjust the strength for each AP as well. It will take some time to setup, but once you up and running it will be worth your while. Good luck placing them. Be sure to give us feedback on your experience with your map layout of your APs. Enjoy.