Access Point issues with pfSense

Hi, guys

Newbie here…
Well, i build my first pfSense box same days ago, and i have problems with Wi-Fi. Wireless internet acess dont work in Ap mode in Open WRT and original firmware TP-Link, my AP is Archer C6 V2( us) router mode is ok in original firmware e Open WRT( wan active)
The internet acess from my desktop with ethernet is ok
TP-Link firmware in ap mode disable automatically dhcp, and others stuff
I trying another ap Intelbras( vendor of my country) but the problem is the same, router mode ok, ap mode no wireless conection
I want buy intel nic, but not for now, unless it is necessary to start my homelab correctly. Intel nic is to expensive in my country, 2 port 1 gb is almost 50% of my earnings in 30 days
I will post some screens and configs below
Guys, and about intel nic from China?
MY pfSense LAN nic is TP-link TG3468 ( realtek) and WAN is from the motherboard( realtek)
Thanks!! My bad for my english, i not to good and i need from Google… 2 < arp from pfsense 2 <pfSense interface 1 <pfSense lan rules 2 <Open WRT lan interface

I don’t know much about how to get the Archer C6 V2 in AP mode but if you have a desktop system working behind pfsense on LAN then the issue is not pfsense.

As an AP, disable DNS and firewall on System > Startup.

Go to Network > Interfaces and make sure that lan is bridged to wireless adapters. Mine is showing wlan0 and wlan1.

If it not showing you’ll have to go into Network > Wireless. you’ll want to edit your radio and choose the network to attach to the wireless interface. Since lan to desktop works, I suspect this may be your problem.

Go got Network > Switch to set up vlans. You’ll have to go to Interfaces to bridge vlans to wireless radios. In my screenshot you can see my trunk port is Lan 4 that the AP is connected. Lan 3 is my daughters desktop. Remember too that port 1 is the LAN and port 2 is the WAN.

I hope this helps some. It’s been about five years since i set it up so I’m rusty. I don’t do this on a daily basis.