Access local FQDN ove openVPN


I have setup Truenas scale 22.12.2 on my network and used Truecharts to install some apps. Inside the LAN I access the the apps through Traeffik and local FQDN’s without exposing ports. No problem with that. My problem starts when I want to access the apps remotely through OpenVPN. I use pfsense 2.6.0 with the openvpn set there. On the openVPN server I have enabled the Local DNS option, I created an access list on the DNS Resolver, but the addresses cannot be resolved. Any ideas on what should I do more in order to have access to the apps?

Does the DNS lookup fail on the client?

Hello. When the client tries to connect through OpenVPN yes. I get message that it cannot find the site. When I use the TrueNAS WebGUI IP to connect, it connects with no problem

On the OpenVPN network, what are your firewall rules.

Set your DNS settings (client) to look at a DNS server on the remote side of the tunnel. Specify that remote DNS server by IP address to make sure you are resolving through the tunnel.

@Paul only one rule allow all

@Greg_E I tried it but it didn’t work. I set the client (Pop OS) manually to DNS and put the pfsense IP as DNS.

Do you have a different DNS server on the network or just the Pfsense firewall as DNS? It works when I point my client back to my internal DNS servers. But this was also a site to site VPN that I was using.

@Greg_E my set up is remote access and not site to site. Also the only DNS Server in the network is the pfsense dns resolver. Pfsense is my point of contact with internet.

You may be stuck using the ip address for everything.