Access FreeNAS from device connected to IoT Network


I want to allow a device (my TV) connected to my IoT network, to have access to a device (my FreeNAS box) connected to my LAN network. I use Kodi installed on the TV to access medial shares on my FreeNAS.

I’m using a UDM Pro with some pretty basic firewall settings which essentially allow devices on my LAN network to make connections with devices on my IoT network, but not the other way round.

This should be possible through a firewall rule right? But, I have no idea what kind of rule to create or whether my existing rules are going to prevent this from working?

I’m thinking that if I give the TV a fixed IP, then other devices on the IoT network won’t be able to see the FreeNAS box, so that should help with security.

Or is there a better way of doing this?

Thanks in advance and have anice day :slight_smile:

You can create a VLAN on TrueNAS so that it can be in the same network as the other devices.

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Thank you for your reply Tom :slight_smile:

Ah. I wondered whether that would be the ‘correct’ way to do this. I watched this video earlier this morning:

How to Configure Jail VLANs with FreeNAS 11.3: How to Configure Jail VLANs with FreeNAS 11.3 - YouTube

But the Jail thing threw me. I understand the purpose of a Jail at a very basic level, but unclear whether this is something that would be desirable for my use case. A couple of follow up questions if I may:

  1. Do I need a Jail or can I just set up a VLAN in FreeNAS without the Jail part?
  2. If it’s possible to set up a VLAN without the Jail part, do I need a second network card to set it up?
  3. Would there be any benefits for my use case in having a Jail for my Kodi meda shares?

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You don’t need a jail to create a VLAN on an interface. Running in jails is possible but creates more complexity.