A way to monitor and manage everything

Hey everyone, let me first tell you something about me , I am an CTY student and I also handle my own company’s IT by my own. But for me now the problem which arise is that I have moved to different country for my further studies and looking around a way to monitor it and manage it remotely.

Firstly, i will tell you about my setup, I use an tp link router which just works as an modem having dual internet, if ISP internet goes down it will switch to cellular network. I use pfsense as an router and firewall for all my network setup.

Now the problem which I am facing right now is I had tried to manage things using tailscale but don’t know why after the firewall gets rebooted I need to manually take the local pc’s access and relogin with the keys in pfsense.

So, now I am having an break for 15 days from my studies so I thought that i need something robust by which I can manage everything remotely.

Can someone suggest me something by using that I can monitor and manage my pfsense without opening any ports and port forwarding. Second thing is I prefer to use anydesk to troubleshoot my local devices but now anydesk is kind of paid so I also want something open source and secure which i can use to manage systems.

My company also have two linux server, one which runs proprietary software vendors software and other which runs syncthing to take backups of local pc’s.

So in short I am looking to have kind of 3 different open source software or 3 in 1 one.

One to manage pfsense firewall
Other to troubleshoot local windows devices
Third to monitor the 2 Linux Server

Also in addition please say some words on uptime kuma and rustdesk.

Also in addition, right now I am having one raspberrypi4 8gb and one intel i7 4th gen xenon CPU lying around with me here if anything is needed to self host…

Thanks to folks who help me in advance :slightly_smiling_face:
Today what I am is because of this forum….

  • I am not clear on the Tailsclae pfsense issue you are having, an alternative way to manage pfsense would be to to use Wiregaurd and have it call to another server where you are.
  • There are open source tools out there such as https://rustdesk.com/ but I have no idea how good their security is or if it has been well vetted at all.
  • Zabbix is a good open source choice for monitoring servers, works with pfsense as well.
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this is the error which I get after the pfsense reboots and then I had to reconfigure it again

That is odd, I would post in their forums to see if they have any matching bug reports.

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thanks a lot ,
See yesterday I had relogin and today it is disconnected…

@LTS_Tom Hey did you find something for this ??

Nope, I would post in their forums to see if they have any matching bug reports.