A SIEM for the home?

I’m contemplating a jump into cybersecurity as a career change. I don’t have deep skills here but I think I can learn somewhat adequately. So I’m contemplating setting up a little home network security zone. I want to start with a SIEM, because a SIEM is at the center of security efforts at large companies. Once a basic SIEM is setup I can forward Windows sysmon logs, etc, create a little dataset and springboard into threat hunting, etc.

Does anyone have any experience/opinions on which SIEM I should choose? My SIEM software budget is $0.00. On a somewhat related post in these forums, I read that graylog may be the best choice.

Any opinions are welcome. Thanks!

(I did search before I posted this but I didn’t find anything for a home network. If this is a duplicate, my apologies.)

Well if you can crack security onion, it will probably take you far !

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Security Onion is your best option.

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