A replacement for Norton Ghost

Can anybody help? A few years back, I made up a bootable disk with multiple images on, that I could select and restore a PC OS/software, from a dos prompt batch command.

The restore with all software, took under 10 minutes, even with the hardware speed, of the times.

Norton no longer supplies Ghost and I wondered if there were other products to replace this one, with the restore an image from a dos prompt image?

Perhaps I am old fashioned and their are swisher ways today,

Any help would be much apricated.

We don’t image systems that often and commercially Acronis makes good cloning software. There is also https://clonezilla.org/ which can be configured to do that.

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I started using clonezilla many years ago to replace ghost, works fine for many things that need to be cloned, but not everything works. I’ve also been making windows .wim images which you can roll out through a Windows Deployment Services server, or from a boot disk like PE or just from an OS disk. You can use DISM to apply the image to the disk, and then a few other things to get the boot partition ready. Plenty of documents on the web to image a Windows system through the command line off of a boot disk (PE disk). You can also script this for a one touch image rollout if desired.

Overall, for Windows, WDS is the slickest thing that you get included with a server license. SCCM is much better, but not at all cheap or easy to learn. Both of these are also great for multiple fresh Windows installs, just import the image off the iso, pxe boot to the server, select image and wait. It’s great when you have a lab full of Windows Pro and want Enterprise or one of the long term releases available to volume license users.

Hi Bernie,

Acronis trueimage and Macrium reflect are both very similar to Norton Ghost. Macrium Reflect is free for non-commercial use.

Veeam also has some bare metal recovery features, but is not as interesting as the other 2 products mentioned above for disc imaging.