A Quick Overview of the QUIC Protocol

Thanks Tom.
I am also pretty certain that this is the future, and soon everyone will use this.

Tom, I tried to block all QUIC traffic using my pfSense by putting in the WAN block rule to Block all UDP Port 80 & 443 (separate rules) and pfsense does not block it. Have you tried blocking QUIC using pfsense and verified it worked?

I blocked QUIC on Pfsense by blocking it on the LAN and it worked fine

hi. I am new to all this. Could you please explain me how and where can I block QUiC in Pfsense? Currently I use 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1 - I think that once we all have a step by step guide on how to block it (for newbies like me) it will expand into a larger and better understanding of the subjetc. thank you.