A little help with a new home installation

Hello guys, new around here, being following the channel from some time, love the content and hot sauces. I came to the forums today in order to get some guidance, I have a friend that recently bought a home, im very happy for him and want to help him setup a proper network connection given that he was asking me and refer to using Google WIfi, which after some light reading I think its trash. Atleast for his needs.

He bought a 3 story house, around 4000 ft, and is planning on moving this weekend and starting to setup all furniture and stuff. I was wondering what is a better solution for him. his not much literate about pcs, or networking just basic stuff but i can do it for him over the net and with a a remote connection.

Upon closer inspection i was thinking of sending him to get some ubiquity stuff, but not sure which, his top story is mostly bedrooms, main floor is open space with 2 rooms, and the basement is a open room. There is also a backyard. I was looking to get him a new router, a wifi mesh or similar ap, and a nas ( he currently doesnt have any backup except for external hdd).

Current idea was:

Nas - Synology
router - pfsense (probably a 1u small server from servermonkey.)
wifi ap - unify nano hd or something around that
switch - probably a poe powered solution with around 12 ports.

He does plan to connect atleast a ps4, 1 pc, and a tv to the network by cable, other computers and cellphones will be wireless.

My current questions are, what hardware should i recommend to him, he does plan to have 4k video in his tv, and other laptops and devices.
Also what is the cost that could be considered for wiring with ethernet cables his house, he lives in indiana.

Thank you in advance

All sounds good, the Nano’s are great as they have the higher end speed and are less than the HD models. Go for the 24 port switch which will offer more expandability. Wiring for residential is often higher priced than business due to the challenges of the construction of homes can be harder to work with. The current wiring drop price here is around $180 per drop installed,

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If you go with a server from server monkey get 2 and build a FreeNAS rather than Synology. I’m thinking storage growth especially if storing multi-media, and reliability, upgrade. Pricing should be about the same.

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Thanks guys, Tom, I was wondering if you had experience with the nano’s, I was looking at how many he would need to do the entire house, but not sure how they are with range and specially with obstructions like walls or floors.

And for g-aitc, I was looking at that but im not sure if FreeNAS would be better for him than Synology, given that the configuration of synology seems really simple compared to FreeNAS, and I plan on getting him a plex to go along with that.

Also Should i get a cloud key for the unify stuff, or just look for server to also add it?

for the server for pfsense I was thinking a Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R210 G1 2-Port from server monkey, should that be enough?

What ever server you get for pfsense make sure it has AES-NI support. As for the Nano’s they have great range but walls are too unpredictable for WiFI. Start with one or two and add them as needed to cover gaps.

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I will check on those, im still troubled over pfsense, ubiquiti solution or untangle for him, I was thinking of getting him more than 2 actually, given that is top floor, a main floor and a basement, and a backyard.