A Detailed Comparison of The Latest pfSense and UniFi Firewalls in July 2023 [YouTube Release]

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Time Stamps :stopwatch:
00:00 :arrow_forward: pfsense vs UniFi firewall 2023
01:57 :arrow_forward: Firewall Comparison Chart
02:53 :arrow_forward: Running on Own Hardware
03:15 :arrow_forward: Central Management
04:18 :arrow_forward: Licence Fees & Support
04:58 :arrow_forward: High Availabilty
05:26 :arrow_forward: BGP & OSPF
05:37 :arrow_forward: VLAN support
06:17 :arrow_forward: OpenVPN & IPSEC
06:44 :arrow_forward: Wireguard
07:14 :arrow_forward: UniFi Site to Site Magic
09:48 :arrow_forward: Tailscale Support
10:39 :arrow_forward: IDS & IPS Suricata and Snort
11:12 :arrow_forward: Content Filtering
11:52 :arrow_forward: DNS Filtering
12:06 :arrow_forward: Traffic Shaping
12:24 :arrow_forward: Multiple WAN Support
12:55 :arrow_forward: Policy Routing
13:10 :arrow_forward: Reverse Proxy
13:37 :arrow_forward: Let’s Encrypt
13:53 :arrow_forward: Captive Portal
14:05 :arrow_forward: Traffic Monitoring and Reporting

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