802.11ah WiFi standard

It’s not offering speed but it does seem to have potential for low speed IoT to transmit data over a distance of up to 1km in the 900 mhz range.

This may cause some issues for ham radio operators.

I just came across this today on YT and I’m just wondering if anybody knows what’s the security on these devices? It says they are pre-paired out of the box.
Do they use a unique key for every device or how does that work? Can I use my own key?

At 70€ price point I’m tempted to try it.

Its setup through a unifi app or controller same as other unifi devices. These are ok for low bandwidth applications like device controllers or something.

In other words its a brand specific in-band management system, no one but the person with the authorized software can modify their configuration.

This is not a Unifi device, so how can you use Unifi app or controller here??

This device is no different to Unifi Uisp Nanostation devices

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That can’t be right. None of the Nanostations work on sub 1GHz frequency. They either use 2,4GHz or 5GHz.

I am at a loss as to figuring out what you do not understand about this product, i tried to explain that this is not an access point solution for replacing the usual AP’s for 2.4 and 5ghz operation.
These are aimed at IoT applications (telemetry, access control devices etc, things that don’t need a lot of bandwidth). If you payed attention to the video or other videos this was all pretty well explained, aside from what we have said here.

2.4ghz and beyond do not propagate at the range described here so of course this is not in any way comparable to them.

Grok, you wrote that it’s “through a unifi app or controller same as other unifi devices.
And I meerly pointed out that that’s is not a Unifi device and it’s not possible to manage it via unifi app/controller.

I fully understand that this is a Wireless PTP or PTMP bridge and not an access point and that it operates on the sub 1GHz band which is better at penetrating obstacles, but also provides less bandwidth making it appropriate for IOT devices.
This part is clear.

I am merely interested in how the security is set up on these devices. What kind of key do they use to pair up the transmitter and receiver(s)?

So I was wondering if anyone got their hands on them and tried to figure things out? All the devices that I cam across seem to be very generic devices, with very little or no documentation at all.