802.11 rate and beacon controls

Good day i have 4 UNIFI Mesh units installed at a Flat about 30 meters apart, 3 of the APs have a clear line of site and one does not have. All the Mesh Units are connected using CAT6 cable. I have certain areas where my device connects to a weaker signal even though there is an access point close by and also at times it switches between a very low signal and high signal. We dont really have an issue with devices connecting(UNIFI WiFI experience is always above 85%) but what i would want to do is to optimize my Access point setup so that devices dont stay connected to a weaker signal but prefer a stronger signal at all times.I have attached some of my Unifi Controller screenshoots.

WIllard Shoko from Zimbabwe. I really like your youtube channel. Keep up the good work

The client devices first need to support 802.11R properly for them to roam from one access point to the next. If you want to fine tun that a bit try turning on fast roaming and setting the minimum RSSI

Thank you so much, the Youtube Video was very helpful

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