7100 Port Config


I know Mr. Lawrence has put out a video on this and around the 9 minute mark states to ensure the ports are configured correctly.

My question really is that out of the box it reads that the Eth2-8 are configured as LAN and as I create vLANs and assign to an interface, I need to tag each vLAN and add each port to the vLAN?

If I have 802.1q enabled and each port as members on 4091, shouldn’t that push all the vLANs to each port? Do all have to be tagged? Or in the netgate docs they show only 9 and 10 are tagged?

say I have 7 switches (for example) and each switch has 3 vLANs with combinations of vLANS on each switch. All ports on the 7100 would need to pass the data back and forth according to where the data originated.

Maybe I am just not understanding the concept here for the switchports assignment as I add vLANs.

Any help would be great.

Yes, as you create VLANs you need to tag those ports to so they carry that tag to the switches

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Thanks. I can’t wait to get this system up and running. We scheduled a date and time for the Lawrence Systems team to ensure we are up and running.

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