48x 10GbE connections with Unifi

Long time lurker, first time poster. I need some advices as I just started my own IT business recently, and I received a RFQ from a video production studio that requires 48x 10GbE connections.

I am planning to propose them to use Unifi products. Can someone please advise me if the network topology I drafted below is alright? Any room for further improvement?

Actually I’m not sure if I should propose UDM Pro or Cloud Key. Knowing that they have an existing Fortigate firewall which they do not wish to change, Cloud Key is being considered for managing the Unifi devices.

Thanks in advance.

Cloudkey is find, I would not swap a Fortigate for a UDM if the client is using all the features of the Fortigate and is happy with it.

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Thanks for the advice, Tom. I’ll submit the proposal to my client.

My client asked if Unifi switch has “Multi VLAN” capability. Please excuse my limited experience with Unifi. Personally I have not use Unifi devices before (planning to buy some to learn soon).

As of now, I have been watching the walkthrough/tutorial videos on Youtube only.

So, back to my question, does Unifi Switch has “Multi VLAN” function?

Yes, you can load have multiple VLANs. My advice is to dive into networking and make sure you understand how all this works before you make a proposal for something that you may not be able to support.

Indeed I need to get some Unifi gears to tinker with to get myself familiar with it. In networking, so far, I have learnt pfsense only but have no experience with any managed switch yet. The business may not wait for me to learn. Thought of securing the project first, then use the opportunity to learn more.

Btw, thanks to your pfsense videos, they helped me a lot to get started.

Also, thanks for your advice. Let’s hope I can land my first project.

To manage the switches you are going to need a controller

Onsite - Cloudkey+, self hosted controller.

Offsite - Unifi Hosting,

Unifi has made it very easy to manage vlans, and assigned them to ports