4 x 1TB or 2 x 2TB for storage XCP-NG

Hello everyone,

I have a doubt related to the storage of an XCP-NG virtualization. We have the possibility to have 4 x 1TB SSD or 2 x 2TB SSD in our storage, I think that 2 x 2TB with RAID1 is better for the performance, but I don’t know if I have 4 x 1TB with RAID10 is better.

What do you think? (sorry for my english level).

Thank you a lot!

Raiid 1 is just mirroring so there is no performance gain, just redundancy.

It’s true, whao my head. So, 4 x 1tb maybe is better, no?

Yes, go with the 4 1TB if you want better performance

Thank you a lot! :smiley: