32 Channel Camera System

We are looking at doing a new video camera system. We want 32 cameras/channels, IP based, 90 days of recording capacity, and a great desktop user experience for playback/clip capture, as well as a great Android/Apple mobile experience for remote monitoring. We don’t need PTZ cameras and don’t plan to do a lot of event based notifications/captures.

Our vendor who sold us the old system is proposing 2 16 channel Hikvision NVRs with Hikvision cameras, using the iVMS-4200 client on Windows desktop. I’m not sure yet what the mobile experience is like.

Any comments on this system? Any alternatives you might recommend?

I use Trendnet IPcams for my home, these are re-badged Hikvision cams, nothing wrong with these domes, they work.

As for the Android app it’s workable not much features, just shows the live stream. However it does seem to crash often when I start it though when viewing streams it’s stable.

I have 4 streams which works fine, 32 might be a bit crowded.

Also use QNAP for recording, their QVR mobile app is more feature rich.

We have been happy with the Synology solutions. They have an NVR selector to help narrow down which device to choose and they have really broad camera support.

Here is a look at their NVR software https://youtu.be/x-Ju4UM0Gfg