30+ office suite networking

Hey people,

I’ve recently done a deployment for a 30 office suite network, the landlord didn’t want to pay for WiFi so it was a relatively easy deployment.

My question is if WiFi was required, what would you use for 30+ vlans ,

Options are
1, AP per room with a single SSID ,

2, Shared APs, with the SSIDs of those suite numbers nearby , yes this is complicated to set up, but it would be set and forget.

3, capacitive portal (either pfsense or unifi), anything that doesn’t support it such as printers will have to use a wall port , and if push comes to shove, put a cheap AP into a wall port for that specific suite.

4, dynamic pre shared key system, (not ideal due to cost and hardware)

Or maybe you have a better idea?

I know there’s expensive enterprise solutions such as Aruba clearpass, but those are out of budget, as typical contracts are for old buildings that landlords want to boost rentals with offering high speed internet.

Also how much do you guys charge if you do similar contracts ? I quote relatively cheap, (~£150 per month to manage the network excluding the circuit )because I hope to sign tenants in the building as managed clients, so I put effort into distributing detailed guides and FAQs and making sure everything is running well for them.

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