3 WAN Balance using 2-WAN SG-3100?

Hello all and thanks for your help.

An ISP is offering a good deal on a 3 WAN connection however the SG-3100 has 2 WAN ports. I don’t need failover, just improved bandwidth. Do I put a switch in front of the FW? If so, do I put all 3 on said switch?

We currently have a single 300/30 over coax but it’s not stable and we are hovering close to that upload cap. A phone competitor is offering 75/20 x 3. I’m hoping the load balancer is good enough to boost bandwidth to justify the added complexity. What do you think?

It’s a small school streaming live content with only 1 VoIP.

I would recommend a bigger pfsense with more ports if indeed they allow 75/20 on a per port basis. Also remember that when you are load balancing connections between the services and not aggregating bandwidth.

Or virtualise it and then you can have as many WAN ports as you want. Does the school have proper server class hardware?

(although I think @LTS_Tom would say to use physical hardware)

Thank you, I’m better off sticking with 2 WAN connections. I’m waiting to see if they offer bonding as well.