2nd Wifi Router not having full speed

Hello Mate,

I am currently puzzled, i tried to configure a second wifi router in my home but it does not get the maximum speed same as out first wifi router. the original wifi router when i am connected it gives me around 500Mbps but the second router only gives maximum of 80Mbps. the second router is a Xiaomi Mi Router 4A.

Thanks in advance.

First thing I would check is the wired connection of the Mi router. Make sure all the equipment between the AP and the router supports gigabit.

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when connecting from the first router via lan cable to a laptop it give the maximum speed of 500Mbps

in the description of xiaomi router it stated :

2.4G: Wi-Fi2x2 (supports the IEEE 802.11n protocol, maximum possible speed of 300Mbp

5G: Wi-Fi2x2 (supports the IEEE 802.11ac protocol, maximum possible speed of 867Mbps)

Wifi is crappy if you want speed.

When you set up range extenders over wifi, I believe it uses half-duplex. If you connect both routers with an ethernet cable you will get a faster speed over the 2nd wifi.

I use to have an array of routers connected over wifi, until I couldn’t take the pain any longer and fitted ethernet cable. You are wasting your time trying to improve your situation with what you’ve got.

Thank you all for the answer it is now much clear to me.