2nd LAN setup with LAGG

Looking for some insight here. I have had my pfsense custom build running for a year now and its been awesome.

I have a fort 4port NIC card in my box, and was hoping to trunk 3 ports to my switch and leave the 1 port as direct management access until I have everything setup on my trunk.

I was able to create my LAGG and have it connect to my router and assign DHCP, but… I was unable to access pfsense or the internet from my switch

LAN1 ip

Firewall rules were setup the same for LAN1 and LAGG, except for the first rule shown on LAN1


I am a newbie to advanced network setup and I am sure made a really simple mistake :slight_smile:

I have a tutorial on that topic here

Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. I have watched the video and a few more, love to learn :slight_smile: I think I found my mistake. My FW rules on LAGG, reference LAN.net and should have been LAGG.net. Can you confirm if this was my error?

This was your error, you need to reference the correct network in the firewall rules

In this case lagg.net

Thanks everyone - was able to setup all my VLANs and Firewall rules. Everything works as expected.